Summer Interns 2012 Series: The Saturation Shift

Why NASCAR, Olive Garden Are Turning to Hispanics

Editor's note: This is the second post by Bailey Kielarowski, a Brand Management intern who will be a senior at The College of William and Mary in the fall. Her first post was "Trendsetting for Two: When Multicultural Goes Mainstream."

When NASCAR embarked on a search for a new advertising agency (in which Ogilvy & Mather was recently selected), it emphasized a renewed focus on the coveted youth and multicultural markets.

Increased attention to U.S. Latinos will play a key role in NASCAR’s evolving strategy. According to league demographics, Latinos currently make up nine percent of NASCAR’s fan base. With previous initiatives such as Drive for Diversity and campaigns like “Bienvenidos a NASCAR,” this is not the company’s first foray into the Hispanic market. Yet given the growth figures for Hispanics, and in particular Hispanic millennials, NASCAR’s Latino fan base has room to grow.

Guest Post: Dr. Clara Rodríguez

Editor's Note: As a part of the Advertising Educational Foundation's Visiting Professor Program, we were recently joined for a week and a half by Dr. Clara Rodríguez, a Professor of Sociology at Fordham University whose current research focuses on Hispanic media images. The purpose of this program is to allow the professor to experience advertising from the inside while an agency has a chance to learn from her insight and point of view based on years of research. In this post, Dr. Rodríguez gives a little peek inside her time at TVP.

The moment you walk into The Vidal Partnership’s headquarters, you know you’re in a special place. The light streaming through the windows and the sense of motion conveyed by the layout are your first cues. Then you see—and almost feel—the energy in the people moving around. They move with a sense of purpose but with an ease born of confidence.

Summer Interns 2012 Series: Hispanic Millennials vs. Millennial Hispanics

Camouflaging among non-Hispanic millennials?

Editor's note: This week's guest blogger, Lauren Tkach, is our Planning intern this summer. She's about to start her senior year at NYU, studying Applied Psychology and Media, Culture, and Communications.

In their recent post, “Talk to Me,” Natalie and Mara explore important insights regarding the emerging Hispanic millennial market in the U.S. today. As a Hispanic millennial myself — California-born Argentine-American — I can relate with much of what was said about what Hispanic millennials want in media and advertising: We want innovative and relevant content, we want to entertain our short-term attention spans, and we don’t want to be hit over the head with Latino stereotypes. But how does this differ from millennials in the general market who might be just as media-savvy, who might have just as short of an attention span, and who are not so hot on ethnic stereotypes, as are their Hispanic counterparts?

Summer Interns 2012 Series: Talk to Me

Hispanic Millennials on Language and Content

The latest trend in the Hispanic media industry seems to be television networks crossing the language line. News Corp and Colombia’s RCN Television Group partnered to launch MundoFox, a Spanish-language network, and Univision and ABC have partnered to launch an English-language news channel and web presence.

Both are cases of networks filling their gaps to keep up with changes in the American cultural landscape, but what do they really need to be successful with these new ventures?

Allow us to introduce ourselves: the authors of this post are Natalie Asorey, Miami-born Cuban-American, and Mara González, Puerto Rican. Other than being TVP interns in the Public Relations department, we’re both bilingual millennial women with a strong Hispanic background. We are a trending topic in Hispanic marketing — the hashtag is soon to come. 

What We’re Reading This Week: Intern Edition

This week's edition of “What We're Reading” was compiled by TVP’s summer interns, who have been finding insightful articles during their broad research in various departments. Unsurprisingly, most of these articles center around the phenomena of social media, their generation’s trademark tools. Enjoy!

Summer Interns 2012 Series: Brand Personification

Before I go in depth about brand personification through social media, I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Frank Buttafarro, and I am the Digital Production intern for the summer here at TVP. I come from a small town called Fairview, New Jersey, and I am the son of two immigrant workers.  I am currently a senior at Hofstra University, pursuing a degree in marketing. My interests are music, sports, and anything digital.  My favorite part of the digital sphere is social media and how it can create interaction between two people, no matter how far apart they are.

Summer Interns 2012 Series: Trendsetting for Two

When Multicultural Goes Mainstream

Editor's Note: Our TVP summer interns arrived a couple of weeks ago, and dove right into work all across the agency. This is the first in a series of blog posts by those interns. We hope you'll enjoy their fresh perspective as much as we have so far. The author of this post, Bailey Kielarowski, is an intern in the Brand Management department, and will be a senior at The College of William and Mary in the fall.

It’s the minority marketing trend that’s fast becoming a majority reality: general market isn’t what it used to be. Alberto Ferrer’s post on April 30, “The General Market Myth,” examined how census data tells only part of the story when it comes to the influence of minorities in the U.S. Not only do the numbers understate their actual influence in trendsetter markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, that influence is also turning the traditional paradigm of adapting general market campaigns to multicultural audiences on its head. Enter multicultural goes mainstream.

What We’re Reading This Week

When we started to compile this edition of What We're Reading, we were struck by the number of interesting articles lately on the nuances of digital and social measurement and optimization. This seems to be a landscape that's always shifting, leaving marketers in a constant state of learning about the latest tools, trends, and metrics. There's never a dull moment as we continue to navigate the process from content strategy to creation to placement to measurement, all tied to clear business objectives. We hope you'll find some of these articles as useful as we have in keeping up to date.

The General Market Myth

When the Majority Becomes the Minority

A version of this post originally appeared on Advertising Age’s blog, “The Big Tent.” It has been updated to reflect current Census data.

In most enlightened companies these days, marketing resources are allocated to different target populations. Some of the more common groups are tied to ethnicity and culture: Hispanic, African American, and Asian American. The bulk of the marketing (and other) resources, however are firmly allocated to the so-called “General Market,” even at companies that have been leaders in marketing to minority populations.

For example, a marketer can take the latest Census data and learn that about 16% of the U.S. population is Hispanic, and thus strive to budget an equivalent share of resources to that population. Some companies go further and factor in the population trends in the appropriate age groups for their product or service and other future-looking data to make a determination of the relative importance of these groups to their business. Then they use these figures to determine the “right spend” for each group.

What We’re Reading This Week

With so many great articles and posts being written every day, we seem to be in a constant state of “so much to read, so little time.” We all rely on recommendations from sources we trust to find those insightful pieces that keep us up-to-date on our industry and the world. We thought we'd give you a little glimpse of what we've found interesting and relevant to our business recently. Happy reading!