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Top Brands Not Tops for All

In vying for multicultural consumer esteem, the equation gets more complicated every day.

In an article in the Data Points section of Adweek magazine on January 23, 2012, the editors present a snapshot of the top ten brands of 2011 as measured by YouGov BrandIndex. This index measures brand perceptions among 5,000 adults every week regarding 1,100 U.S. brands, which are then compiled into brands’ Buzz scores.

Persuasion, Not Reach

Eduardo Caballero, one of the founders of our industry, taught me a long time ago that “no client pays an agency to reach people.”  Clients pay agencies for persuasion, acquisition, and transactions. Transactions require engagement. 

Today the consumer’s overscheduled lifestyle, compact attention span, and new-found control over a vastly fragmented media landscape have made achieving productive engagement more challenging than ever before.